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Harry Arminius Miller is regarded by many as being "greatest creative figure in the history of the American racing car" whose engines and cars dominated the American motor racing scene for almost half a century. In 1916 as a result of a collaboration with Barney Oldfield (a top racing driver of the day) Miller gained a reputation as a builder of engines.

The Miller Car's are available in a choice of five attractive racing colours, black, white, red, green, and yellow. Each car also comes complete with a driving figure with poseable head and arms, so that the driver can be arranged into a suitable action position of your choice!

99300 - Black - Racing No.4

99301 - Red - Racing No.2

99302 - Green - Racing No.3

99303 - Yellow - Racing No.5

99304 - White - Racing No.1

The Miller Car was priced £199.99 + £10.00 (p&p).


By the 1920's Miller had developed an 183cc straight eight engine which in 1922 powered a Duesenberg driven by Jimmy Murphy to victory at the Indianapolis 500. Miller then progressed to making Miller single-seater race cars that used supercharged versions of his 2.0 and 1.5-liter engines and such was the success of theses 'Miller' Cars, that between 1922 -1929, a whopping 73 of the 92 major U.S. races were won by Miller's vehicles.

It was in the 1920’s, after achieving such success and domination on the American race circuits, that the Miller Cars came to Europe and enjoyed the same success on European race tracks. 

The design of the Miller Car body, with its sleek boat shaped rear, fired the imagination of European designers who were quick to copy its fine lines. The design of the cars engine and transmission was just as revolutionary as its bodywork. The 183cc engine was designed to take power from the front of the engine (like an aircraft) move it through the gearbox and differential units, then via half shafts and constant velocity joints, down to power to the front wheels.

In our working scale model of this iconic car, we have captured all of these design innovations and powered the car with a large clockwork motor. This beautiful 1:8 scale model measures approximately 18in long and is built from a combination of pressed steel and cast metal, and weighs in at 3.2 kilograms. The model features working leaf spring independent suspension, working steering and the authentic drive transmission from the clockwork motor to the front wheels.

1:8 Scale Working Miller Car